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The Spine Centre


  • History of Spinology

    History of Spinology   Spinology began in the early 1980’s as a result of there simply being no profession in existence whose sole mission was to monitor the function of the nervous system on a regular basis. All professions concerned with human function were established to treat symptoms when neglect…

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  • The SPINE Centre

    The SPINE Centre Q: I have had back problems for years. Every time I get it sorted it only gets bad again. What can I do? A: Spines, like all things that get regular use must be maintained. Spines will never stay ‘sorted’ like teeth will never stay clean. Brushing…

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The Spine Centre @ Kilcoole GAA Club

About us

Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer graduated in 1994 from Palmer Chiropractic University with a doctoral degree and was licensed as a chiropractic physician in Illinois in that same year. He practiced as he was taught for two years before furthering his education to become a Spinologist. Even though trained as a physician, the only discipline practiced in The SPINE Centre is Spinology. He is a graduate of The European School of Spinology in Valencia, Spain. He is married and has three children and lives locally in Greystones and is heavily involved with the GAA. He is an avid trail, mountain, marathon and ultramarathon runner.  Now, as an Irish citizen he feels that Ireland is simply the best country to practise Spinology in the world.

Our Mission

The SPINE Centre aims to provide the highest level of spinal maintenance to families and athletes alike. Everyone is given the individual attention necessary to experience the highest level of performance possible. Any spinal misalignment will cause nerve interference and this will decrease the performance levels of the body. Regular and specific maintenance will allow everyone to function at their peak levels.

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Dr. Michael D. Meyer
Certified Spinologist.
Kilcoole GAA Club, Newcastle Rd,
Kilcoole, Co Wicklow

Monday 2.00 - 6.00 PM  
Wednesday 2.00 -6.00 PM  
Friday 2.00 -6.00 PM
New clients accepted outside these hours.

Telephone: 0857664943

E-mail: drspinemike@hotmail.com