Unique Fee System

Unique Fee System

A service that is outstanding


A service that is outstanding for your spine and nerve system is useless if you can’t afford it. Ours spines take incredible abuse when we are children and young adults. The truth is that NOTHING will ever truly FIX your spine. Any areas that have sustained extensive damage due to neglect will never be ‘as good as new.’ Thinking that you can go somewhere and have your spine fixed once and for all is as naïve as thinking that you will one day brush your teeth so well that you never will have to brush again.

Like regular fitness routines, Spinology is a long term pro-active service programme for your spine. Each day we do things to cause damage to our spines or further damage to already injured areas. Maintenance is the only logical solution. Spinology is only truly effective with very regular visits. Most clients come in 2-3 times per week for ‘tune up’ visits. Since Spinologists do not manipulate the spine it is safe and gentle to do daily if desired.

This amount of visits would cost a fortune if you were to pay visit by visit. The SPINE Centre has fees that buy you services for three months, six months or a year at a time. You pay once and come as many times as you can. More visits will equal faster spinal progress of course. The longer the fee plan chosen the greater the savings.

Student discount


We remember what it was like to be a student so we have student discounts of %50 off regular fees.