We all know that maintenance is the best policy when possible. Spinology is the only spinal maintenance based profession that focuses solely on regular visits to keep the nerve system in tip top shape. When a spinal bone misaligns it will cause nerve interference that will adversely affect your body.
We see clients regularly so there is no need to use forceful manipulations. The visits are brief and painless and allow your spine to be in the best condition possible. Neglect to the spine always leads to poor function of your body.
Most only consider their spines when they are sore, but have a read of the list below and decide if it sounds like good old fashion common sense to have spinal maintenance. Then ring 0857 664 943 to book a free spinal evaluation for your entire family. If you are wondering why you should have your children’s spine checked, just watch them at play for a few minutes and decide if what they do for fun might just be causing misalignment's that will be a major source of trouble in their adult years.

Dr Michael D.Meyer, Manager

Persistent back trouble is very debilitating,  having been to many different practitioners over the years it was such a relief to finally meet someone who truly understands the spine and is able to provide an immediate effective treatment which has allowed me to finally return to sports and lead a normal life again when it had been said that I wouldn't.

Having previously tried many different treatments from Acupuncture, Physio therapy, Amatsu, Sport Massages and GP visits where medication was recommended finally a light at the end of the tunnel was found when i visited the spine centre. With regular visits each only lasting a very short time I am now pain free. I couldnt recommend Michael enough.

Conor McGivern, IT Support & Web Designer