our mission

Dr Michael D.Meyer
The SPINE Centre

The SPINE Centre aims to provide the highest level of spinal maintenance to families and athletes alike. Everyone is given the individual attention necessary to experience the highest level of performance possible. Any spinal misalignment will cause nerve interference and this will decrease the performance levels of the body. Regular and specific maintenance will allow everyone to function at their peak levels.

our advantages

More Energy

The vital energy that runs your body comes from the brain, travels over the nerves and gives vitality and vigor to your body. Logic says that if that energy is interfered with, your body will not work at its fullest potential.

. Clearer Thinking, Concentration and Memory

Did you ever have a day when your mind was extra sharp, thoughts and ideas came quickly or your memory was especially good? Ever have just the opposite type of day? Well, your body chemistry determines to a great extent your ability to think, concentrate and remember. Body chemistry is controlled by your nerve system and your nerve system works better without any interference.

Less Stress

How can getting adjusted make your job easier or cause your kids to give you less problems? Well, it cannot. But there is a difference between adversity and stress. Adversities are the circumstances of life. You cannot change them. Stress is the inability to handle those adversities. How well your body is working will determine to some degree how much adversity you can handle and how much stress you have in your life.

our team

  • Dr Michael D.Meyer

    Michael Meyer graduated in 1994 from Palmer Chiropractic University with a doctoral degree and was licensed as a chiropractic physician…