Spinology and Menopause Aging gracefully in the afternoon of your life

Even though the spinology profession doesn’t focus on specific symptoms, ailments, conditions or treatments, we are still aware of natural biological changes that occur throughout life. During the transition from reproductive to non-reproductive capacity, the ovaries cease the primary function they have had since puberty. Normal ovarian function during reproductive years is influenced by follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and lutenizing hormone (LH) which are both produced and released by the anterior pituitary gland via neural stimulation.


During the natural transition of menopause these endocrine hormones change in levels in the bloodstream. This causes the ovaries to nearly totally cease their hormone production. The changes in these circulating hormones cause systemic changes as one would logically expect. The hair, skin, brain and bone tissue can all be noticeably affected during the change. Unfortunately, many are led to believe that this is a ‘condition’ that needs to be ‘treated’ either by medical or natural remedies.


As is the rule when dealing with living beings, no two go through transitions quite the same way. However, all people need proper nerve supply to make the transition as naturally and comfortably as possible. It seems strange to consider that people going through completely natural life changes are labelled as ‘patients’ in the medical fields. Perfectly healthy pregnant women enter the hospital and immediately become patients. A perfectly healthy baby is born and before it takes that first magical breath they are already a patient. We all need to have more faith that our body can perform the trillions of daily functions it needs to without outside interference. Our bodies are magical. We don’t need much help, we simply need no interference.


It’s no wonder that we look with fear and stress at the different phases of our lives as we approach them. The majority of the information we have comes from the medical studies of ‘patients’ going though treatments to assist them through the transitions as opposed to relying on the ‘wisdom of the body’ to self regulate. Many women would find the idea of self regulation as foreign because in this ‘advanced’ day and age we now think it is perfectly normal to delay menopause with drugs for as long as possible.


The spinology profession views menopause the same as it would birth, puberty, pregnancy or menstruation. These are natural phases or processes of life and a body with proper nerve supply throughout will logically experience the least complications. All of these processes require highly specific and co-ordinated hormonal changes. Hormones are released into the blood stream from initial neural stimulation. If the nerve system is functioning smoothly then the hormones will be accurate and the transition will be as smooth as possible. Any spinal misalignments will cause nerve interference which in turn will adversely affect how the body functions.


Many women discover that with weekly spinal maintenance the transition through menopause is smoother and less eventful than expected. Our bodies are meant to function harmoniously within so we can focus on our external environment. Nerve interference disrupts this inner harmony and can make natural biological processes needlessly uncomfortable. As with all biological functions, proper nerve supply equals proper function, nerve interference causes malfunctions.

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