Spinology and Sports

It has been my good fortune in the past several years to work with some truly extraordinary athletes. When one focuses on trying to reach the ‘top’ of their field they are looking for any little edge to maximise performance.


I used to only get my back looked after when it hurt. Michael explained the necessity of maintaining the spine. I now get my spine checked regularly and can only say that my body works better than ever before.’ –Leighton Glynn, Rathnew, Wicklow, and Irish International GAA athlete.

Most are searching for an ‘outside in’ approach. They are looking for that substance, pill, powder or even drug that will see them outperform their opponent. This is very common as that is how the medical and many therapeutic fields approach the human body. They think that if they can ‘tinker’ just right, but not too much, they can create as situation whereby something they swallow from outside their body will magically make them like the six million dollar man inside.


Many don’t realise that we have that ‘super human’ capacity built right inside of us. Our brain is a super computer that reaches every millimetre of our body from scalp to toes. We were all taught that the brain is in the skull and the spinal cord and nerves are different. That simply isn’t true. The spinal cord and nerves are actually extensions of the brain like the fingers are extensions of the hand. This tissue needs to be in tip top working order to co-ordinate all functions of the body all day every day.


‘My spine has always been very stiff. Especially in the lower back and Michael explained how spinal maintenance worked. So long as I get regular Spinology maintenance I can be the best I can be and I don’t need treatments.’ ---James Stafford, Rathnew and Wicklow GAA All Star.

If a spinal vertebra has lost its correct position in the spinal column it will always cause interference to the nerve (brain) tissue. This creates a detrimental effect in the function of the body. This doesn’t necessarily cause any noticeable symptoms immediately, but can severely affect how the body functions. This in turn may cause the affected person to turn to ‘outside in’ choices to get their body back to functioning as they would like it to. If performance is improved at all it will be only so long as the substance is active inside the body and eventually

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